Friday, July 11, 2014

Cake Decoration

Getting Started In Cake Decorating

A lot of people are intimidated by cake decorating. The amount of time and energy put into the craft can be overwhelming. The fact is that cake decorating is a skill just like everything else! With the right training you can learn to decorate cakes like a professional in no time! Don't feel like you can't do a more complicated cake just because you're lacking in experience. A simpler design will certainly be easier but with a little patience, and a lot of practice you can be on your way to three tier wedding cakes in no time!

Choosing A Cake Design

Step one is choosing your first cake project. Some will certainly be easier than others, but you don't have to settle for a one layer if you really want a huge cake. The best method for a beginner is to find a well laid out plan that you can follow to the letter. This is best in video format as you can actually watch what's being done. It will be much harder to follow written instructions if you don't know what you're doing.

There are plenty tutorial videos online for free, and you could also try to enlist the help of someone in your community that is experience in cake decoration if you're willing to pay a bit. This fee could very well be worth its weight in frustration and wasted materials. Especially if you have aspirations of turning your cake decorating hobby into a home business!

Is Cake Decorating Instruction Expensive?

The answer to this is maybe. If you were to go the route of professional classes, then yes. Anyone taking that much time to teach you a skill will be charging top dollar for it. With the advent of the internet though, you can learn anything in less time and for less money! You also have the benefit of choice. A local class, while available, may be much more limited than online courses. If you work a lot, you may not be able to dedicate time to a local class. With online tutorials you can learn any time, even if you only have a few hours a week.

If you're curious about a such site then I can recommend YummyArts to you. They have a full membership site where they offer instructional videos and decorating galleries. They have so many video tutorials that I'm not sure you could ever get through them all! You can learn a lot of great stuff there. They do have a small membership fee, but it's not too bad. Much cheaper than what you'd pay at other sites. You can click here if you want to check them out.